Kovai Hills

Kovai Hills Golf and Country Club presents you 18 Hole Championship Golf Course.

Kovai Hills

Heaven Can Wait

A golf centric integrated township near Perur, Coimbatore, set to be built on an 850 acre property that is host to hill ranges, an 18 hole championship golf course, world villas and unparalleled luxury amenities swamped by an abundance of nature

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    Planning to drop by, aren't you? You can spare us the difficulty of describing a breathtaking piece of landscape that only experience can do full justice to.
    850 acres of nature punctuated by villas and plush amenities huddled by hill ranges draped in mist and clouds; why heaven must certainly wait!
    Kovai Hills lies along the Coimbatore-Palakkad corridor, a low mountain pass and the only major one in the stretch of the Western Ghats that separates Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

    As you weave through the winding roads and urban fringes of Coimbatore, the city takes a softer line to plantation fields and then to the grand foothills hemmed by misty picturesque hills.

    Get the stats. A picture postcard-perfect view 24x7x365. Yes, dart across to your new home.

    We would not be lifestylists if nature was all we offered now, would we?

    So we got a renowned golf course architect, an Englishman, to carve out a nice 18-hole Championship Golf Course spread across 225 acres with fiendish bunkers, three-faced crosswinds, water hazards and yards of green to invite the grumpiest among folks and transform them to the cheeriest. And the course is not the one that’s typically far from home, but one where the fairway runs right across your backyard. Last we checked, just a handful in India have something like this. You could be one of them.

    More on life styling figures. We've set up a Golf Academy on a par-3, 9-hole golf course. And why are we doing it? Just so that anyone who wants to be a golfing someone can pick up the game! Coaching is in full swing. You or your kids could train here under the guidance from the best hands-on coaches in India. The Academy is also equipped with a swing analysis room, a 315-yard driving range, a pro-shop and a coffee shop to make your golf more than a way of life.

    Now to the world-class Kovai Hills Golf & Country Club.Designed in Balinese style, the Country Club will be one of the best in the country and accommodates outstanding sports facilities like an Olympic size swimming pool, an exotic spa, a resort hotel, multiple restaurants, and dreamy chalets with private pools. The country club will be attached along with Kovai Hills Sports Village having professional coaches to ensure your child, spouse and yourself pick up and learn a sport along the way. The Sports Village will have an impressive line-up of academies, such as, Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy and separate academies for Badminton, Squash, Basketball, and Cricket. Now, having to wait endlessly to become a member of a prestigious club is, what's the word we're looking for- yeah, history!

    A snoop into more of our life styling initiatives:

    The prestigious Day Schools and premium Residential School will provide wholesome education with advanced curricula.The reputed co-educational CBSE boarding school - CS Academy has already opened its door at Kovai Hills and has over 1500 children from across India in just the second year of running. Strong academics and diverse extra-curricular activities are woven deftly into the curriculum here. The Academy has a strong board of advisors from INSEAD, IIT, McKinsey, Booz and Company and The Royal College of Psychiatrists working towards making better leaders of tomorrow. Here, the children are trained under experienced hands in Chess, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Swimming, among other sports. And eminent gurus hone the kid's talent in music, dance, arts & crafts and yoga.

    Each gated community within Kovai Hills will have healthcare facilities connected to a main hospital- The Kovai Hills Urban Medical Centre where general practitioners, obstetricians, gynecologists and pediatricians are close to you to give new meaning and life to the neighborhood family doctor concept.

    The Kovai Hills Retail Strip Malls strategically spread across the property so that you don't have to go too far or in different directions to shop, launder, groom, entertain.

    The Hi Tech Security System,which includes both manual (security personnel) and automatic (smart card technology and bio metric access points), that ensures high end security while at the same time respecting your need for privacy.

    Now we can't really call ourselves life stylists if we don't consider the environment, can we now? So we are paying particular attention to the eco-print through water efficient landscaping, a 100% recycled water irrigation system, rain water harvesting, sustainable technologies and renewable energy sources.

    The Centralized Facilities Management System at Kovai Hills touches upon all facets of living. Providing physical infrastructure like roads, back-up power, drinking water, rainwater harvesting, a sewage treatment plant, maintain zero discharge to the environment, proper solid waste management and disinfection technology will be some of the key highlights of this project. Moreover, this will turnout to be Tamil Nadu's largest Urban Infrastructure Project.
    At Kovai Hills, your home will be a world-class villa with hill ranges for a backdrop. Step out of home and a championship golf course will grace your feet, not busy roads. With the day schools nearby, school time chaos will be a chapter snuck in a history reader! In between, you could trawl the retail strip malls for anything and everything you need. Play a round of golf or a game of tennis. Swim in the Olympic size swimming pool. Rejuvenate at the spa. Knock back a round or two of liquor. Sample epicurean cuisine. Live life to its fullest. And all within the boundaries of Kovai Hills. As you can see, we have really gone the full distance to bring you the Global Highlife. You, on the other hand, don't need to!

    And finally, what makes us truly worth the 'life stylists' title, we have clearly defined three dwelling options which we believe should be a prerogative of every deserving Indian:The Highlands , The Links and The addition to Senior Living housing. Live life in high definition with plug-and-play villas. These massive living spaces (6,000-12,000 sq.ft.) will be constructed in Balinese or Contemporary styles which will be just a whistle away from the Championship Golf Course. The Links, on other hand, will be built on Indian or Contemporary styles in 3 sizes-3,500, 4,500 and 5,500 sq.ft. This too will be a nudge away from the course. The Slopes - these living spaces will be built on Indian, Spanish or Contemporary styles in 2,200, 2,400 and 2,800 sq.ft., right on the foothills of Western Ghats.

    Those in the silver years are taken care of as well at Kovai Hills, with separate residential housing dedicated to Seniors. With amenities ranging from housekeeping, catering and scheduled transportation, the choice of support services to the elderly will be unprecedented. The scale of social engagement, social participation, independent living and health promotion will be the best in the industry. The onus of disease prevention, treatment of illnesses, prevention of adverse drug reactions, mental wellness and grievance counseling will all be handled by able and experienced staff.