Chennai Marina

Kovai Hills Golf and Country Club presents you 18 Hole Championship Golf Course.

Chennai Marina

Paradise Called.
They're Moving In.

Chennai Marina is a top-notch coastline Riviera on the Palar River estuary brimming with the finest offerings, including a championship golf course, luxury dwellings, wellness centres, and water sports facilities.

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  • Overview

    Why world class+

    While major tourist destinations around the world have marinas, It's a pity that india has none across its entire 6100 km coastline. And we are about to change that! Rakindo is launching Chennai Marina, a world class coastline riviera set on the Palar River estuary - at the point where the river meets the sea - and embellished with lifestyle's ultimate best that even Robert Ripley would find hard to believe!.

    You see, we lifestylists have a reputation to live up to. So we took the best mix nature could offer, threw in a golf course, luxury residences, wellness centers, resorts, a yacht club, and a water sports facility completely cranked up for sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing and more. All this on 400 acres of virgin territory, including islands, and 3.75 acres of unspoiled beach overlooking the Bay of Bengal.

    Here's one way to unspend a day:

    Wake up to the sound of music invented by nature - the soothing chorus of feeding sea-gulls and the hiss of white waves belly flopping onto the shore. With our selection of water sports, you can scuba dive into the deep mysteries of the Bay of Bengal or settle for a quiet cruise on one of our yachts, or maybe just walk the pier at one of our ports or anchor down and enjoy a fine cup of coffee as you delve into the Sunday papers. If you're feeling particularly lazy, you can pop into one of our wellness centers and maybe sip a martini while our wizards work their magic on you. If water sports or therapeutic attention isn't your thing, there's always time for a gentleman's sport Golf. But just watch out for the eagle!

    Getting here isn't easy!

    You'll find it surprising just how accessible our little utopia is. We've conveniently placed ourselves just 40 km from the Siruseri IT corridor, and 77 km from Sriperumbudur, the electronic corridor, in the picturesque country town of Vayalur. Chennai International Airport is a mere 65 km away - so getting here is a breeze alright.

    Mother Nature will love us

    Now, we wouldn't go through all that trouble to knit one of the most luxurious properties this side of the hemisphere without factoring in the extravagant ecological foundation it was based on, would we? We've invested seriously in futuristic technology and adopted commonsense principles and processes to cut our carbon footprint. Not to mention, the added investment in state-of-the-art water management systems that will have Mother Nature swell with pride.

    Here is the meaning of world service

    We are partnering some of the best in the lifestyle business from across the globe to offer you the best of Highlife that you've only just dream about until now.

    Chennai Marina will be launched soon. You, and the Ripley's team, can then rub your eyes in belief!